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Participants for the chromosome-centric HPP are listed below. Full details are available at c-hpp.org.

Chr No. Leader Country
Chr. 1 Fuchu He China
Chr. 2 Pierre-Alain Binz Switzerland
Chr. 3 Toshihide Nishimura Japan
Chr. 4 Yu Ju Chen Taiwan
Chr. 5    
Chr. 6 Paul Keown Canada
Chr. 7 Mark Baker Australia, NewZealand
Chr. 8 Pengyuan Yang China
Chr. 9    
Chr. 10    
Chr. 11 Jong Shin Yoo Korea
Chr. 12 Visith Thongboonkerd India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
Chr. 13 Young Ki Paik Korea
Chr. 14 Jérôme Garin (1st year, 2012)
and Charles Pineau (2nd year, 2013)
Chr. 15    
Chr. 16 Juan Pablo Albar Spain
Chr. 17 Bill Hancock U.S.A
Chr. 18 Alex Archakov Russia
Chr. 19 Gyorgy Marko Varga (1st year, 2012)
and Juan Pablo Albar (2nd year, 2013)
Chr. 20    
Chr. 21 John Bergeron Canada, Sweden
Chr. 22    
Chr. X Tadashi Yamamoto Japan
Chr. Y Hosseini Salekdeh Iran

The HPP Executive Committee
Gil Omenn (3 yr) (USA) Chair
Bill Hancock (1 yr) (USA); ex-officio member from HUPO EC
Ruedi Aebersold (3 yr) (Switzerland)
Emma Lundberg (2 yr) (Sweden)
Amos Bairoch (2 yr) (Switzerland)
Young-Ki Paik (1 yr) (Korea)
Fuchu He (3 yr) (China)
Mike Snyder: ex-officio member as chair of SSAB
Pierre Legrain: ex-officio member as HUPO President

The Senior Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB)
Mike Snyder - Chair (USA)
Cathy Costello (USA)
Denis Hochstrasser (Switzerland)
Lee Hood (USA)
Matthias Mann (Germany)
Naoyuki Taniguchi (Japan)
Mathias Uhlen (Sweden)
John Yates (USA)
Kunliang Guan (China/USA)
Kate Rosenbloom (USA)

The C-HPP Executive Committee
Young-Ki Paik (Chair) (Korea)
Bill Hancock (Co-Chair) (US)
Gyorgy Marko Varga (Co-Chair) (Sweden)
Fuchu He (China)
Charles Lee (USA)

The B/D HPP Executive Committee
Ruedi Aebersold (Switzerland) (Chair)
Jun Qin (China) (Asian Co-Chair)
Jenny van Eyk (Americas co-chair)
Aled Edwards (Canada)
Martin Kussmann (Nestle Center/Lausanne)
Gary Bader (Canada)

Resource Pillar Committees
These committees are in charge of the implementation and evolution of the guidelines related to the three pillars. They will ensure that the C-HPP and B/D-HPP have up-to-date guidance on technology platforms, reagents, and data resources.

MSpC (Mass Spectrometry pillar Committee)
Bruno Domon (Luxembourg) (chair)
Yingming Zhao (USA) (co-chair)
Jong Shin Yoo (Korea) (co-chair)
Christoph Borchers (Canada)
Yu Ju Chen (Taiwan)
Albert Heck (The Netherlands)
Neil Kelleher (USA)
Rob Moritz (USA)
Alexey Nesvizhskii (USA)
Xiaohong Qian (China)
Jim Langridge (Waters)
Alexander Makarov (Thermo)

ABpC(Affinity-Based Protein Capture pillar Committee)
Mathias Uhlen (Sweden) (chair)
Tadashi Kondo (Japan) (co-chair)
Tony Kossiakoff (USA) (co-chair)
Ed Nice (Monash Univ, Australia)
Mike Taussig (UK)
Ulf Landegren (Sweden)
Liu Ying (China)
Heng Zhu (USA)

KBpC (Knowledge-Base pillar Committee)
Lydie Lane (Geneva) Chair
Eric Deutsch (USA) (Co-Chair)
Henning Hermjakob (UK) (Co-Chair)
Lisa Borling (Sweden)
Seul-Ki Jeong (Korea)
Lennart Martens (Belgium)
Ian Smith (Australia)
Weimin Zhu (China)

HPP Portal Management Group (HPG) –responsibility of KBpC
To manage and build a HPP related web contents, Web services, repository data, and user interfaces for HPP in coordination with HPP KB committee. The HPP portal provides various HPP data management functions. The HPP portal offers its users the ability to submit the data on the web without detailed knowledge about the underlying infrastructure.
Eric Deutsch (USA) (chair)
Francis Ouellette (Canada)
Andrey Lisitsa (Russia)
Amos Bairoch (Switzerland)
Pierre Legrain (France)
Lisa Bjorling (Sweden)

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